Hello !

This site is very much a work in progress. You will likely notice that it is fairly ugly, doesn't have much in the way of fancy images or content, and is mostly just plain text! For now, that's actually fine 😅

Who am I?

My name is Garrett! I'm a web developer at LinkedIn 🔗, where I work on our homepage and navigation. I had a non-traditional route into tech, having majored in Political Science 🏛️ before realizing I wanted to write code all day and get sad about politics on Twitter instead.

You can find out more on my LinkedIn and on my FAQ.

What's the plan here?

Glad you asked! (and if you didn't ask, too bad!)

As a coding bootcamp grad (Hack Reactor), I had approximately 1 day of formal instruction in the fundamentals of HTML and CSS. We learned the absolute basics on our own, then jumped into building web apps with React. Modern JavaScript frameworks like React, Vue, and Ember are all great, but they provide abstractions on top of abstraction for actually building websites.

You'll notice this site has no JavaScript. I'm building it the old fashioned way, using plain-old HTML and CSS, bundled together with the excellent Eleventy (11ty?) static site generator. Everything is hosted up on Netlify.

Over time, I'll be adding a blog, a more in-depth resume page, some fun easter eggs, and possibly some tutorials and webcasts. As I do so, I'm going to document the hell out of everything and write about the choices I made along the way. I used some borrowed boilerplate code (with some modifications) to get started, but subsequent additions and design choices are going to be mine. Tag along as I turn this site into a fun little corner of the web 🌐